Application building in Xojo for linux is unpleasent

I guess, I am unable find a descent way to create a desktop application for linux using Xojo.
Application written in windows and complied for linux really sucks. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Unfortunately, it leaves me know choice that to go to Gambas and abandon Xojo in Linux.
It appears to me that Xojo is not really made for Linux users. :cry:

What problems do you have? I wrote similar spps under linux working really fine. Let me know if I can help you.

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Hello Mr. Stueker,
Thanks for your response.
My initial trouble was about the combobox appearance and behavior during run time. You can find details on following post

Then after I searched for several remedial codes to set right GTK3 styles settings etc. I improved my code as advised on forum but it didn’t yield right results & my trouble with combobox continues.
I will highly appreciate if you can guide me in anyway, especially with a generic code which must be included in open event of application or control (combobox) with which it should behave correctly irrespective of Linux distribution or themes.