Application Architecture Advice Needed

I’m creating a multi user web app in Xojo. All users will share the same database/table for authentication and other settings (subscription plan, security level, etc.). However, each user will have their own SQLite database. The users and their data are not related and I want to keep everything separate.

I’m also creating an iOS/Android companion app, coded natively or using Xamarin.Forms. I could write RESTful API’s for the mobile apps to consume the data from the SQLite databases, or simply use an HTML Control in iOS and Android that points to the web app.

The mobile app won’t be available offline because I don’t want to deal with offline sync and stuff like that. I’m just looking for suggestions from those who have used an HTML control to view a Xojo web app. I’m just unsure of the scaling and how it will be displayed on various sized screens.

Why not have them use the web browser on their phone? And you will have to adjust your web page layout yourself based on the screen size.

Thanks for the suggestion Tim. I like to use the app stores because it’s another avenue to reach users searching for apps by category. And I use advertising in the Apple App Store too which helps attract attention to my other apps as well.

Apple at one time would reject apps that are nothing more than just a web view. That may not be true anymore but if the app does not add any value other than being a safari bookmark then it is not really an app.

I would use a true multi-user system like cubeSQL or MySQL to store the data. You can create separate databases or tables with prefixes to isolate data for customers. There are pros/cons to that approach. Develop some REST API’s and consume from your mobile apps is the traditional way to handle this.

Alternatively you build a web app optimized for mobile. In Xojo Web that is not necessarily the easiest thing to do because it lacks responsive design capabilities. However you can generally stick to a few specific resolutions and get close enough.