AppleScript to paste URL

With the bug of feedback reports not being able to be made into links properly on this forum (the mechanism wants to add “http://” to schemes it doesn’t recognize), I decided to make things easier by writing an AppleScript that pastes a link properly. For example, if you copy a link:

It pastes it as:

[url=]some label[/url]

(The script brings up a dialog asking you to fill in “some label”.) And it you have a feedback case like this:


It turns it into this:

[url=]some label[/url]

I tied this to a key through FastScripts so I can easily paste a link I copied from elsewhere using command-shift-V.

This script is Mac-only, of course, and requires the free Satimage OSAX. If anyone is interested, post here and, if enough people respond, I’ll post a link.