AppleScript app isn't showing appname on Catalina

I need to execute a shell script as root. The only solution I found was to wrap the shellscript into an AppleScript app. The app itself works fine. However, on High Sierra the app shows the name when the shellscript is executed:

But on Catalina the name is missing:

The plist shows the name:

What can I do to make Catalina show the name of the app or something?

AFAIK, your plist has all the correct keys, so I don’t think it is something that you are doing wrong, and in this day and age of “Security” I’d imagine that they want the name of the application to be displayed, file a Feedback report with Apple as this feel like a bug (shock, horror a bug in Catalina!).

I would suggest checking the Apple Developer Forums to see if someone else there has encountered it already, except that Apple just purged those forums (again).

I guess they’re fed up with lots of unanswered questions, or a billion results on how to log a string in the various versions of Swift.

If this is an app created using AppleScript, then it could be some type of security/privacy permissions issue. You might want to post your question in the Script Debugger Forum. They have some very knowledgable AppleScript people there who also are familiar with codesigning etc. They welcome questions about AppleScript in general.

Thanks, guys, I’ll try both.

Thanks for the tip with the Script Debugger forum. They gave me an easy workaround. I added “with prompt” to the script and that shows on Catalina, too:

set scr to "launchctl load -wF /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.paradigmasoft.vserver_x64.plist" do shell script scr with prompt "Start Valentina Server" with administrator privileges

Interesting. Thank you to share with us.

Thanks for sharing this information. Weird that you have to do something special to display the App Name when “security” seems to be so high on Apple’s radar at the moment.

Yeah, I thought so, too. And the app needs to be signed extra deep because deep isn’t deep enough.