AppleScript and 64bit

Can AppleScript do 64bit integers? The reason I’m asking is because a very simple script

tell application id "com.evernote.evernote" set theLimit to upload limit of account_Info return theLimit as string end tell

is returning a negative number for Evernote premium. Can I force AppleScript to return 64bit or do I need to fix this myself?

Hmm… the result itself is wonky, too, because it’s -2.147483648E+9.

I could believe the function just assigns the int64 internally to AppleScript as 32bit integer.

Or this is an unsigned integer with value 2 GB.

This is the only reference I could find to integer bounds in AppleScript :

The biggest value (positive or negative) that can be expressed as an integer in AppleScript is ±536870911, which is equal to ±(2^29 – 1). Larger integers are converted to real numbers, expressed in exponential notation, when scripts are compiled.

Note: The smallest possible integer value is actually -536870912 (-2^29), but it can only be generated as a result of an expression. If you enter it directly into a script, it will be converted to a real when you compile.

Thanks for the links, guys. According to the links the number should convert to a real, which is does, but the result is still wrong. Looks like a bug with Evernote then. I don’t care about the exact value anyways. I just need to know that the next note still fits into the upload quota.