Apples closes all stores

Apple announced to close all stores due to Corona.

Indeed. Apparently, until the end of the month.

France has closed all museums including Le Louvre, theaters, and even the Eiffel tower. All kindergarten, schools and universities are closed as well.

Gathering of more than 100 people are now prohibited.

Amazingly enough, municipal elections are still taking place this coming Sunday, and next week’s.

government officials… First on strike, last at work.

The reality is that things that are closing now, are likely to be closed for months. In the west, we are on the increase and are likely to be for a long time. It would make little sense to reopen things in a month when they’re likely to be worse than now.

Wake me up when September comes.

They are closing all the stores outside China and reopened all stores in Greater China.

Viral Virtue Signaling.

personal distancing and self quarantine should be really easy out here if someone will just send groceries :slight_smile:

Yup, if you read the information more closely ALMOST all of them admit that by saying “at least until” or something like that. I expect a LOT of these dates to be pushed out and out and out as time goes on. There is no point in delaying the curve for a week or 2. We need to delay it for months maybe as long as a year until we can get enough of an actually tested vaccine out there to people. Which some of them won’t want because vaccine is just government implanting your need to buy more christmas presents into your cerebellum or something… not sure what the current favorite conspiracy theory about those are. It’s clear to me that we haven’t completely absorbed just how long this is going to disrupt everything and what we are going to have to do to keep it under the level we can handle in hospitals until we have a vaccine. There is no seasonal anything about this, cold hot it doesn’t care.

Apple has reopened its Stores in China, though. That is about a month closure.