Apple's App Evaluation Environment

Does someone know if Apple use actual devices or the Simulator to evaluate an App before accepting it onto the App Store?

My app is currently being rejected at a point where I believe they are trying to access the Camera.

If they are using the Simulator, is it possible to install my app on on the Simulator on my Mac? I have tried drag&drop, but it crashes when launched

Thanks - Chris

Apps are tested on real devices, mostly iPads.

What makes you think it is being rejected when accessing the camera?

You might be able to install your app on your Mac through Testflight.
Did you test your app on a real iphone/iPad using Testflight?

Do you return True in the App.UnhandledEvent?
If you don’t have a look at my Sentry class

There might be an exception somewhere in your code and Sentry will log it and help you fix it.

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Thanks very much Jeremie L. That’s very helpful. The area where the crash occurs has little functionality except for taking a photo, so it was an assumption I made - a poor one it turns out.

I have tested it on a number of iPhone, but only one iPad type and it was Pro. I’ll look at your link and try to step the crash logs they included in their report (a learning curve for me there too! :-D)

Thanks again - Chris

Actually Sentry will not help with crash logs, it can only help with exceptions.

Is the crash log readable, do you see the method names in it?

Thanks Jeremie L. I realise that alright, but thanks for mentioning it. I don’t know how to read the logs bit I don’t see any specific method familiar to me being mentioned. I’m using your Extensions.GenericView to scan the barcode, which I think you wrote?!

The last few lines before the summary say:

"source" : "P",
"arch" : "arm64",
"base" : 8299122688,
"size" : 1011712,
"uuid" : "7fdd5501-fd11-3867-bb08-7fd13f614e81",
"path" : "\/System\/Library\/PrivateFrameworks\/AVFCapture.framework\/AVFCapture",
"name" : "AVFCapture"

Which had led me to believe the camera capture was the problem.

Sentry is very interesting! Is it okay for me to include it in my App and monitor crashes when all is (hopefully) live?

I have one other problem with my Xojo license - Xojo made an internal change to extend my licence and which seems to disabled my ability to build iOS apps. I have highlighted this to them, but it looks like Alyssa doesn’t check their email on weekends.

Thanks very much again Jeremie L!