Apple to block more IOS apps developed with 3rd party tools

Apple looking to make every one to use swift or ObjC ?
Im learning swift and xcode and its so painful compared to xojo …

As Gavin pointed out - looks faked.

This is absolute nonsense, it’s obviously faked. Someone is trolling (not you, Hamish!) The template generation thing is true, but the second paragraph about “Xamarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Trillian” is very clearly added.

Nothing to see here. #fakenews

Never trust anything from a friend of a friend. Pure 100% unverified here say. favorite vector of rumor spreading. Trash that right away.

Note that this kind of crap has existed since snail mail. Nothing new.

Here a blog by the developer who tweeted it yesterday

Apple Spoofed email with review policy

Supposed Apple email describing app review policy changes is fake

“A screenshot of an email being circulated around the internet in the last day supposedly revealed new strict app review policies.”


Apple is one of the worst monopolists on Earth. However, I cannot believe that Apple will shoot in their own foot to loose even more grounds to the competition (Android).