Apple review issue

I’ve tried to publish an update of my iOS app made with Xojo and Apple refused it with this error status :

[quote]Performance - 2.1
We still were unable to review your app as it crashed on launch. We have attached detailed crash logs to help troubleshoot this issue.
Next Steps
Please revise your app and test it on a device while connected to an IPv6 network (all apps must support IPv6) to ensure it will launch without crashing.[/quote]
I don’t understand it at all. The app works perfectly on several iPhones and does well to with Testflight.
I’m using Xojo 2016R3 and Xcode 8.1

Did anybody else have this issue ? Does someone in Xojo know what I can do ?

Thanks for your help !

Did you test it on a IPv6 (only) Network?

The crashlogs probably tell exactly where to look.

Hope this is something that can help:

Here’s a crashlog send by Apple :

Any idea ?

Did you test for IPv6?

You’ll have to resymbolicate the crash log using the exact app binary you submitted to apple in order for the crash log to provide anything useful.

Valéry, did you test it with ipv6 ? ? ?

Neither our LAN nor our vservers run on ipv6 - is there any help or trick to test an iOS app with ipv6?

I did read those posts:

But maybe I overlooked something?

I am in the lucky position that my ISP (Deutsche Telekom) fully supports IPv6 and my AVM Fritz!Box 7490 also offers to use IPv6 only if i want to. But i am not at home and can’t test it with @ValryTarondeau’s App.

Yes, I’ve tested with IPV6 network delivered by sharing network connection from my mac as explained in Apple’s tutorial.
Everything works fine with my app (Testflight version)

Back to first point :frowning:

Do you have any references to an IP address in your code ?
You should consider using a DNS name instead.

@JrmieLeroy No, I don’t use a IP address in the code, only a https DNS to our API.

Unless you can reproduce the crash, I don’t think you can get to the bottom of it.

Maybe you should ask Apple reviewers a little more about the hardware they tested on, the exact system (9, 10 ?), in order to test again.

@Michel Bujardet Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve done last week. No answer from Apple since then :frowning:

Try again…

If necessary file an appeal on that ground. You cannot be expected to fix something you cannot see.

I’m not a DNS expert, but could it be possible that your DNS only accepts IPv4 and not IPv6?

No our API server does accept IPV6. And all the tests made with beta testflight app are OK within a IPV6 network.
I’m becoming mad about this. Apple doesn’t answer and I don’t know what I can do to make the app being accepted.
Xojo people, any idea ?

File appeal upon appeal until you get an answer. That is the only way.

I had a similar issue and my solution was to change the order of the Build Settings.

  • Build
  • CopyDB
  • Sign
    The sign Step has to be at the end of the settings.
    Hope this helps.