Apple releases touchscreen MBP

Aha ! Got your attention. :wink:

Take a look at this:

It does seem to work very nice.

I read the French translation.

There already were TouchScreen Macintosh long time ago (with good old CRT Monitors): a “TouchScreen” was put in front of the monitor, then probably software (I never knew the working details), but interactive monitors using Macintosh were legion then.

The two only drawbacks are… not an Apple build-in solution (but if in need…) and the price: $69 / $99.

Since if you need ports to connect printer / external hd, etc. you already have to buy another piece of hardware at between $100 to $200…

Apple’s MPB start to be priced far more than gold.

ha ha !

no one makes an adaptator magsafe (1) to usb-c ?
to charge a new macbookpro from an apple 27" monitor ?
would be nice …

The HP touch back in the 80’s was using a similar system of infrared tracking to bring touch to any screen.

I have a Panasonic Toughbook industrial laptop with touchscreen sitting on my desk. I never remember to use the touchscreen, which is a shame because its trackpad is absolutely horrid.

I know that and I use a Mouse…