Apple now requires a 167x167 app icon

Built a new version of an existing iOS app that supports both iPhone and iPad. iTunes Connect rejected upload because it did not contain a 167x167 app icon (83.5x83.5 @ 2x). Xojo build process creates all the other app icon sizes required.

I have filed a feature request that 167x167 app icon size be added to Xojo iOS build process. (<>)

I used Dave S’s iOSResourceMaker-2 to create the 167x167 app icon, named it appropriately (AppIcon167x167) and dragged it into the project. Now build the project. Show the Contents of the built project. Verify that the new app icon is included. Take a copy of the Info.plist file in Contents and using a text editor add the line “AppIcon167x167” to the “” so you have the following in the file:





Save this edited Info.plist file somewhere in your project folder.

Now in Xojo Insert menu, Build Step sub-menu select “Copy Files”. This will create a “CopyFiles1” in Contents. Drag this down to Build Settings, iOS between Build and Sign. Select CopyFiles1 and drag the Info.plist file you saved in your project folder into the IDE.

Now rebuild the project and the built project will be ready to submit to iTunes Connect. I just had my upload accepted.

Last time I updated that app, I added the 83.5 size, as I had XCODE apps that needed it, and I knew that sooner or later Xojo would as well

You should have looked at one of the betas you have access to before filing this

Release 2.1 has added the missing App icon size, but the IOSImageMaker Utility hasn’t been updated to create this size. Is an upgrade planned?

When I manually create an icon of this size, even if just rescaling one of the ones the utility created, and drag it into the App Icon well in the Navigator I get a warning “Current image is 167 x 167 @ 72dpi and will be scaled”. My ancient copy of GraphicConverter reports identical settings on all icons so I’m at a loss as to what to do to fix this.

We are tweaking that warning- it is showing up sometimes when it shouldn’t. But as long as you’ve put a 167x167 image in there for an app icon, you can build and submit to the app store just fine.