Apple Mail Alternative

I hate Apple Mail with a fire that burns deep within my soul. :slight_smile:
What do you Mac users use as a Mail alternative?

I tried some of the alternatives, but I had to come back.
Let me know if you find something good.

[quote=309150:@Roger Clary]I hate Apple Mail with a fire that burns deep within my soul. :slight_smile:
What do you Mac users use as a Mail alternative?[/quote]
I’ve tried a couple of alternatives, especially when Apple Mail goes on when of it’s benders and crashes frequently. However I always end up back with Mail.

If you can, use IMAP and I find periodically Mail needs to have all the accounts removed and re-added. If you use POP and remove the account, all your mail be lost btw.

Me too…

I use PostBox that I think was build from the core of the old mail client Thunderbird. For the most part I like it. It has evolved well from Thunderbird and has lots of features and a pretty modern user interface.

I have though about Spark on the app store but I cannot find a reason to try it.

I don’t like the mail app to try and “help” me too much. Just be consistent, simple, and reliable.

I have been using Thunderbird for some like 6 years or so.

Why do you hate Mail that much? Missing features? Bugs? If Mail is too slow you can archive your mails manually or with my app.

-Postbox/Thunderbird are ugly with a confusing interface.
-Outlook 2015 is solid. Yes, it’s Microsoft but it really works well.
-Powermail is dead.
-The newer mail clients like Airmail may be worth checking out but they usually allow only very narrow ways of working.

If you have only Imap mail then you can check out each mail client without having to migrate data. Just plug in your email accounts and you are good to go.

I use Airmail. Tried a lot of mail clients but Airmail is the best imo
It is the only that allows you to browse quickly through your mails without hiccups (Mail is very slow compared to Airmail)
Has great features and is very customisable. Looks good too.

Apple Mail is crappy when using SMIME signed or crypted mails for many years. This would be the only reason to me to change to something else. But unfortunately I’ve never seen another Mail App which is capable enough… except Mozilla Thunderbird. But here I dislike the alien UI on Mac… so I stick with Apple Mail…

I really know that, tried much but there was nothing that worked for me.

I thought about it - for 1 or 2 seconds, two weeks ago :wink: - but here is the problem. I don’t want to have two different ways to get my mail. I just have to be there. Todays mails and the 1999 mails. I want to search them (mostly only headerdata) and I don’t want to wait long.
With my 814052 mails in all inboxes just now, mail is terribly slow.

The main problem I have with Apple mail are synchronization issues; where it messes up and then periodically eats my e-mail. I see it flash in the inbox and then it disappears from Apple mail and even my host.

The second problem, is periodically it simply crashes, you open Mail and it crashes, open and crash. To solve it you have to remove all the accounts and then restart and re-add them again.

I’ve had these problems since 10.10 and bug reports or requests for help simply go ignored.

Yet I’ve never had these issues with Mail on iOS.

@Marius Dieter Noetzel : >800.000 mails in one mailbox? It’s wonder that Mail still works. I can’t easily integrate Mail Archiver into Mail. So 2 places is better for my customers than trying to work with 800.000 mails in the inbox (shudder).

@Sam Rowlands: Sounds very unpleasant. I have to agree that Apple doesn’t seem much interested in fixing bugs in Mail. The problem with the deleting mails is very odd. The IMAP protocol doesn’t work that way. Does your server support IDLE?

Maybe this’ll help:

free mac mail programs in 2017

did you try that :

I “only” have 160k mails in apple mail, but did not notice any slowdown.

[quote=309189:@Jean-Yves Pochez]did you try that :[/quote]

Seems like my db is in v4 not v2 like in that page. I give it a try. Perhaps, that will take some time :wink:

Thanks Jean-Yves! That worked great. Mail starts much faster…

I need to correct myself. I had a fit of a time trying to add a new address in mail last night on my MBP running Sierra and blamed the wrong thing. Added the address to another Mac running El Cap. No problem. Added the address to my iPad and iPhone both on 10.2. No problem. My MBP still does not connect to the address correctly. So to correct my original statement.
I hate SIERRA with a burning hot passion.

[quote]@Sam Rowlands The main problem I have with Apple mail are synchronization issues; where it messes up and then periodically eats my e-mail. I see it flash in the inbox and then it disappears from Apple mail and even my host.
It does not sound like a special Apple mail bug to me. May you have some server or client rules or spam or virus services running?

Maybe you do not have to re-create all your accounts.
When you start Apple mail, the last read e-mail is displayed again. Sometimes this email is damaged and Mail crashed always at the start.
Avoid this by holding down ALT+SHIFT and launch Apple Mail. Then nothing is selected. Switch to list view (no preview) and delete the damaged email - if you remember that email.
In addition, you can then rebuild the mailbox by choosing “rebuild” under the mailbox menue.
And you can re-index the whole mail database by closing Apple mail and delete/backup every file that starts with ‘Envelope’ in the maildata folder (~/Library/Mail/V3/MailData/).

Maybe this helps you and some other Apple mail users.

I’ve seen the same issue Sam has. I would call it an Apple Mail bug.

I have tried to rebuild the mailbox, sometimes that helps recover the mail that Apple mail has eaten. Sometimes not.

When Apple mail starts crashing though; it never finished rebuilding the mailbox, it can also have different e-mail selected when it crashes.

Next time it starts crashing I’ll try your suggestion.

I haven’t had problems in a long time. For the most part it always works and searching is fast. I do turn off the auto settings option though. It goes wrong sometimes. It is my favorite of the clients I’ve tested so far, although Opera mail isn’t bad for a free client. Some of my Windows colleagues have moved to it. Outlook is a mess of bugs and problems that are just rare enough to keep people coming back for more, and the Mail app in Windows 10 is ridiculous. It might work OK with Microsoft’s servers, but for third party servers I found it worthless in my brief attempts to make it work.

I do archive my mail folders yearly, so I have no huge folders. That’s been a problem for almost every mail client I’ve tried. Outlook and Entourage were terrible about that, and Mail wasn’t so great with it either. Thunderbird was the best I’ve seen so far, handling a mailbox with over 100K messages reasonably well. Meaning it didn’t blow up. It really wasn’t what I would call usable though.

So my advice is to organize things so you don’t have any huge folders. Also if things are crashing, sometimes it helps to look at the messages directly on the server. I’ve seen more than one mail client choke on corrupted server side messages, or 0 byte messages. Those problems are easily corrected with a delete command through the terminal, but difficult if not impossible to correct with a standard gui client.

Sometimes when all else fails wireshark is the best solution. You can inspect the commands sent and received client to server and that might illuminate an issue.