Apple Event 2019-09-10

Starts in about 40 minutes:

11:42 am “Thank you, and have a great day.”

No new laptop, yet. :frowning:

“Oh… and just one more thing…” … Or not :slight_smile:


This idea comes to mind after I clicked in “Post a Reply”, but after 10 minutes…

Time for dinner (my stomach is crying, loud !).

Next Event, October 15th, 2019 ?

It is not surprising to exclude laptops from an iOS centric event. Those are more likely to be released in October, and perhaps without much fanfare. But what is interesting is no mention of new AirPods or the Tile-like item trackers which may (or may not?) use Ultra Wide-Band (UWB) for more accurate distance and directional information than is available in BLE.

And the logo on the back of the phone is moved to the center, but no mention of two-way charging to Qi enabled devices (like another phone, or Qi enabled AirPod case etc). The logo movement was rumored to be a visual clue for the optimum placement for two-way charging another device.

You are correct, but an Event have cost. A second Event one month later (or 5 weeks)…

Unfortunately, we do not know the ins and outs and can only make guess based on rumors ;).

Rumors are just rumors, even if at one point of time it can be true. A product can be stopped under conditions (not ready, last minute discovered bug, etc.) and that explains why some appears later or never.

At last, we have to remember that an announced product have to be released withing a certain amount of days after the announcement date (90 days ? less ? I forgot.).

there is no rule a product HAS to be released after announcement … Airpower for instance
MS Bob :stuck_out_tongue:

And for Apple since they own the venue etc and the macOS group is not the iOS team etc its probably not that big a deal to have multiple events
At least not when your quarterly revenue is 25 - 30 billion $

[quote=453563:@Norman Palardy]there is no rule a product HAS to be released after announcement … Airpower for instance
MS Bob :P[/quote]
the difference is Airpower was cancelled where MS Bob was actually released into the real world

Microsoft Bob was a Microsoft software product that was released on March 11, 1995 and discontinued in early 1996. The program was intended to provide a more user-friendly interface for the Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems, supplanting the Windows Program Manager.[/quote]

oh that true … bob was … Bob and clippy thankfully are long gone

Bob and Clippy were annoying… but I loved Peety the Parrot!

That product (the disk drive known as Twiggy) release was on hold a day or so before its release (in the early 1980) because a bug was discovered at teh last moment.

Do not be confused by rumors sites and real products. Diffference ? Until the product is released, that product does not exists :wink:

When I worked at Apple, I saw (or know about)… many non released products.

As developers, we also have our non released / not achieved products… Planned product that were stopped at different stages of work (from the paper stage [design] until fc) :frowning:

A product in a shelf have a cost. Strange, but true. Of course, you can consider 10 people used in an Event may cost nothing; but the truth is… there is a cost. If they were doing something else, their work will not a cost, but “a gain”.

BTW: time to sleep; I do not watched the clock !

What was the Dog’s name in XP when you would do a file search?
Remember he would sit there and scratch himself and stare at you when the search was happening.

the uber imaginative name of “Rover” (seriously, that is what it was)

Oh Rover, how I miss , well whatever functionality you provided(none I think? just entertainment)

I was dreading “tomorrow we are going to release Catalina”. Which is about as ready for prime time as 2019r2.

I fear Catalina’s public beta. That is when I will start getting angry phone calls from people who don’t understand what “beta” means.

are you infering R2 is/will be a disaster? or just that it hasn’t been released yet?

If things had been going as usual, 2019R2 should have been released Q2.

Waiting longer probably means it still needed more work.

As for Catalina, it is not a disaster IMHO. Just the usual green system, as we hear about every year…