Apple Dev Program Woes

Hopefully someone can help with their own experience on this.

Recently attempted to sign up for the Apple dev program as an organisation. Company been around for 10+ years, has a Dunns number so all good there. Got an email response stating that they require the company website ‘to be associated’ with the organisation. In my case, the domain name I provided (with a site publicly available) has been around for 2+ years. The whois shows no details as I opted for privacy from the registrar.

So I thought that must be it but then a friend has a domain name in the same name as his business but the whois also shows as redacted for privacy yet he had no issues with enrolment.

I have responded asking for specifics re what ‘association to the organisation’ actually means in their eyes but in the interim has anyone else fallen foul of this at all ?


Does the website have an imprint page showing matching company details?
Like company legal name, postal address and phone numbers?

Well all pages have Copyright © Company Name in the footer

No idea where you live, but a company website without a proper imprint gets you into legal trouble in Germany quickly.

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Just to clarify here, do you mean as a normal $99USD/year developer account or for their Enterprise license program? The latter seems increasingly hard to get approved as they have had so many instances of people abusing the program and they now have the ability for “unlisted” App Store installs etc.

Not Enterprise. Just straight dev program for an organisation

Lucky I’m not in Europe then :slight_smile:

I have asked Apple for clarification as I said on ‘association’. Seems real hit n miss from speaking with a few others.