Apple configurator 2.3 and iOS 10 bug?

Hi guys, i have a huge problem and can’t find any solution. My co-worker updated his iphone to ios 10 and whenever we try to install / remove apps, the apple configurator just hangs at “Waiting for the device,”.

I just tried Apple Configurator 2.3 and I was able to remove and add a Xojo iOS app to my iPhone with iOS 10. But I find Apple Configurator a bit slow and clunky. Have you tried using the Xcode Devices window instead?

I did not, but my co-worker’s phone was slow and the battery was very hot. He had to restart it.
I will try it tomorrow @work.

ios 10 has 3 days old, so is not very reliable
and apple configurator is all but reliable (except in its first versions)
so all together = ?

problem solved after we restarted both the pc and iphone