Apple complaints thread

I’m guilty of thread hijacking and moaning about Apple’s apparent lack of care with their recent OS updates. So I decided to create a single thread in which we can all moan and complain and support each other through this difficult time.

I’ll start; I was really happy last night to find the “Responsive Design Mode” in Safari and used to help make a responsive web page. It’s so much easier for debugging RD issues. This is one of the reasons as to why I fell in love with Apple products in the first place.

Then when I tried it on a actual mobile device, it didn’t work at all. WTF. I was missing the ViewPort meta key, would have been nice if Apple are going to make a RDM function that they actually check for the most important thing? These are things that then make me feel sad as their RDM is a half-baked feature. Looks pretty.

Responsive Design is a can of worms into itself. The meta stuff sounds like metastasis to me. Never ending warts added until it works by miracle more than logic. Plus most of what constitutes RD has grown out of separate pieces with no real coherence.

Since I added auto layout to Xojo Web I have been working on the next generation that brings RD to both Web and Desktop (topic of my presentation at XDC). What I can say at this point is that it is often more of an art than anything. Especially when trying to cover devices as far apart as iPhone on one side, and iMac 5K on the other …

I guess this thread will get some momentum when OSX10.12 (or macOS12 ?) arrives. :wink:

I really wish Apple drops the annual OSX point releases and focus more on stability. A new OSX version every year just doesn’t make any sense at all (to me).

Got another iTunes update last night and yet again they’ve found a way to make the UI even sh*ttier than it already was. :frowning:

Where-ever you can buy anything in iTunes, it looks great. But organizing the own music collection… well, they could do a lot better…

Spotlight is useless to me. I often have to find graphics files based on a code number in the filename, and I can copy part of a file name that is on my working drive, and spotlight gives me no results, not even the file which I copied directly from.

And I don’t understand the ‘Hide-the-X-that-closes-the-tab/window-until-the-mouse-is-over-it’ idea.

Apple has forgotten that what makes a good UI is more than visual sparsity and attractiveness… unfortunate as they were the ones that once set the standard…

  • Karen

Read the HIG guidelines from 199x and now
A lot of the "you do this because … " is gone
Now its “you do this because it looks nice”

Tog had a nice article about almost exactly this forgetfulness about what they learned way back when
I happen to think he’s spot on in many ways

@Marco Hof: oh no. I read that the sidebar is coming back and thought that iTunes would get better. I always thought that the last versions were done by programmers on crack because it was so terribly confusing.

[quote=266788:@Norman Palardy]Read the HIG guidelines from 199x and now
A lot of the "you do this because … " is gone
Now its “you do this because it looks nice”[/quote]

Hey, Guten Abend Herr Palardy ! How is the MBS Conference going ?

The osmosis between iOS and OS X has not finished disturbing the cosy design of our desktop. Besides, the ubiquitous Web design is also influencing GUIs all around.

Ultimately, 199x HIG will be extremely obsolete soon.

The same happened with UWP apps (aka Windows Store and “Metro”), where the Design Guidelines have largely dropped all previous UI controls in favor of a resolutely Webbish look.


I have seen a bunch of issues under Yosemite I haven’t seen before. Especially little bugs for some controls and
new functions introduced. Also a great deal of deprecations w/o giving alternatives yet .

I am not sure what it is but it feels like Apple doesn’t really care fixing OSX bugs at the moment.

Apparently not; especially the rumours are saying that 10.12 is a feature release that Apple are still working on implementing features right now, with less than a month before the public beta.

El Capitan was this decades Snow Leopard, although it was more Snow Leopard poop.

Nah, don’t get our hopes up, improvements to Photos and iTunes… Oh ha, ouch…

AirDrop and basically how useless it is. I currently have two Macs on the local wi-fi, both running 10.11 and they cannot see each other. The MacBook Pro show’s it’self !!! AirDrop has gotten progressively more and more useless and system versions have passed.

Did you activate Bluetooth on both machines ?

I have exactly the same problem as Sam. The iMac finds the MacBook Pro, but not the other way around (both have the same OS version) :frowning:

Are both Mac the same version (in both OSX and Hardware) ?

THERE is a difference between recent Mac and Old (3 and more years).

I had that between 2009 and 2014 Macs. I didn’t wasted my time and used an SD Card for the transfer…

Luv this thread! :slight_smile:

The OS is not called El Crappytan for nothing, :wink:

Besides - when did Bluetooth last work on a Mac?

What is most interesting is the constant critics of Windows when in fact none of these issues ever happen there. I can’t recall any problem with network and discovery.

To be fair, Apple had a great way of sharing folders over Appletalk. But as always, why keep something that works when you can break it ?