Apple combines iOS and Mac developer programs into single Apple Developer Program

Interesting and not mentioned during today’s keynote:

Great move on their part… I may now think about OSX apps in the app store, not just iOS :slight_smile:

Interesting if true: “Even better, Apple has dropped the requirement to register as a developer in order to test your apps on your device.”

Having only one program for mobile and desktop is what Microsoft does with Windows 10 and their universal apps too.

For both companies it is not making money with the measly $99.00 a year that counts, it is having as many apps as possible which are the real moneymaker, with the 30% cut they are taking.

I wonder how they intend to do that. Sandboxing is mandatory, so they would have to provide free certificates to sign the programs in order to install on devices. At any rate, that will be welcome news for all who want to get their feet wet with iOS, or simply create peronal programs for own use without buying a developer program.

I thought you already had apps in the MAS ?

I do, but they are Swift apps for iPhone/iPad…

The “your own device” requires (or so it seems) a special add-on to Xcode… and since they never restricted deployment on a MAC, and Xcode already automatically sand-boxed ObjC/Swift apps… that wouldn’t be an issue… unless you wanted to use the App store, in which case you still need the $99

I logged into the apple developer member center and had to accept new agreements. Before that I had only the Mac Developer program membership, now it looks like I can do development for iOS, OSX and Safari extensions.

That’s great!

Bummer … last month I did a renewal for my iOS membership. :confused:

Great move on their part… I may now think about iOS apps in the app store, not just OS X

Looks like they should be extending your expiration date automatically.

They do, I was a member of both programs and I’ve got the length of my memberships combined. Saves 100 bucks a year. Nice.

Mine expired 2 days ago, even got a cheery note from Apple asking me renew on Saturday. Glad I didn’t, would have probably been a bit miffed.

You guys know that they expanded the iOS only Developer program automatically, right? Any iOS developer is now also a MacOS and Safari Developer too. At no extra cost. :slight_smile:

And vice-versa… If you were an OSX only developer, you now have access to iOS Certificates… and if you had BOTH, they extended it by the combined time left on both accounts… so its Win-Win for everyone

well… I am kinda dissapointed about this. Just paid 99 bucks last month for expanding my existing Mac OS X dev program to iOS… I should have wait…

Sigh. Read it again.

@Markus: I’ve spend 99,- for iOS Dev ON TOP OF EXISTING and already paid Mac OS X Dev account. Well… let’s see how Apple will dael with this overpaid Dev Membership.

As I and others said above, you’ll get the time that is remaining from both memberships combined. So if you had 6 months left on a Mac membership and just purchased an iOS membership, you’ve now got 18 months on the new combined program.

ah now understood, thanks for information!