apple certificates renewal

my first certificates were purchased around the middle of April 2011.
Every year I got a mail reminding me that in 30 days they would expire etc. etc.; so after a couple of days from receiving the mail I made the renewal.
Now it seems that the new renewal starts the day one does it, in my specific case, more or less one month earlier than the expiration day.
So, yesterday I got the yearly mail prompting me to create a new one: from April in 2011 down to February in 2016.
Is this fair that every year one loses more or less one month-worth of money? I expected that Apple would receive my renewal in advance and make it effective on the day it really expired.
This year I’m going to wait for the very last day.

Yes, the mail actually speaks of “create a new certificate”, not of renewing it. But even taking into account the different words (create versus renewal), to me it boils down that it is not fair.

Certificates and account renewal are different things.
Check your account status, you should find it expires in April.

You just need a new signing certificate on your Mac (and those only last one year from the time they were issued.)
You do not have to pay for a new signing certificate if your developer account is still in good standing.

You are right, my accounts expires in April. But if

will I be still able to upload apps to MAS?
More, will they stop paying the few crumbs I get every month from the sold apps?

[quote=242690:@Carlo Rubini]will I be still able to upload apps to MAS?
More, will they stop paying the few crumbs I get every month from the sold apps?[/quote]
You will not be able to sign apps for the Mac App Store with the certificate that expires in February. Just download a new certificate and you will be good.

However, when your account expires in April they will pull your apps from the store.

And so it took me five years to understand that creation of certificates doesn’t require paying for the account-renewal.

Also, you don’t need to re-sign your app (unless you are making a new version). An old app signed with a (now expired) certificate will be just fine. It’s only when you sign a new build of your app that you must use a non-expired certificate. I don’t think this is always made clear either.