Apple certificates etc

Does anyone know of a sure-fire noddy guide to getting certificates etc working from Apple?
I have trie so many times that the list of certificates is as long as my arm and it still doesnt work.
Trying again on a new machine Im getting messages to tell me that I have in progress requests for some things.

I don’t know where, how to ‘complete’ them, how to ‘cancel’ them or similar, and I am at a complete standstill with Apple development now.

I’d ask ‘surely it isnt this difficult’, but is really really is.
Perhaps if I never had anything previously things would be clearer. But right now, I dont know how to tidy this all up.
Can anyone help?

If it feels like it will take time, I am happy to pay.

Hi Jeff,

First of all you can delete all certificates that are expired. You can this with the Keychain Access app.

Then download the needed certificates from Apple’s developer page and install them with a right click.
To generate a new certificate you need a .certSigningRequest file. You read here how to get this.

More information here.

Many items are showing as

Maximum number of certificates generated

Yet Im still getting messages about missing ones.

This whole system is ludicrous

Yes, ludicrous is the word. Trouble is there are two websites involved, one is:!&page=signin

and the other is the Apple Developer website.

You need to interact with both to get all the required bits. I kept forgetting this, and as a result, spent hours wandering around the wrong site looking for the item I needed.

The other thing I found: I can never remember my AppleID and regularly have to get a new one. Trouble is, this invalidates one’s application passwords. Which wasted more time.

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All appears fine on the AppleID page. It even let me in!

But doesnt mention certificates, profiles, hexes, charms, wishbones, blood oaths, requests, provisions, or threats of violence at all.

It may mention app-specific passwords, which are needed for IIRC notarisation.

The certs you get from the developer site. Again IIRC.

Or perhaps it’s the other way round. Y’see? That’s the level of severe rudeness about it.

“If I Remember Correctly”?
Or does that stand for something else?

Recall IIRC but otherwise yes. (Sorry).

I ran into this issue in the past as well. Wonder how I managed to create all of them.

You already own an amount of 5 certificates, which is the maximum number.
You deleted the “missing ones” in an unusual way, so some oddments remains there.

I myself need to be assisted in removing them. Probably in this order?
I1. n Apple Developer account: “revoke”
2. Keychain Access: delete

If you “2. Delete” only, the “missing ones” note appears.

Personally, I ended up in creating a new Apple ID and started over with a completely new certificate,
but this costs an amount of another 99 eggs.