Apple App Store device sales

Is there a way to go only sell on iPhones 5 and above , and exclude people buying on older iPhones 4 and previous ?
I have an app which only works on iPhone 5 processors and above.

Make your app requires iOS 8. But this will limit only iPhone4 and earlier. iPhone 4s can run iOS 8, I think.

If your app is running “that” slow or requires that “much” power, I doubt it will even be approved by Apple for release to the app store.


what is the heavy job of your app?

You could set UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities in your info.plist

Here’s an article about it…

Your app will be rejected if you try to do that. I know this from personal experience. The best thing you can do is say what devices aren’t supported/recommended in your marketing blurb for the App Store. A lot of big games do this, especially graphics-intensive ones. But you’re not allowed to build it so that it won’t run on currently-sold devices.


will it help, if you play sound on thread 1 and processing on thread 2 und the user work on ui-thread?

is that possible?

You realize that anything greater than 30fps is visually lost on the human eye? Most (pre-computerize) movies were only 24fps… So perhaps if you move some of that time slice from the unnecessary frame refresh to the sound processing it might help

Used to work with a fellow who thought it was important to drive our displays at 120 fps
Humans can’t perceive it but hey … it was important :stuck_out_tongue: