Apple App Store - Broken?

I have just spent an infuriating 25 minutes “chatting” with what is apparently now called Apple Support. I tried to update an existing app from the App Store (no purchase required) and I get a message that “we could not complete your update - cancelled”. After searching the site it seems quite a few others have the same problem. Yet support won’t acknowledge that and just want me to upgrade to Big Sur - I’m on Mojave. I’m about ready to go back to Windows. My God I’m sinking into madness.

actually, it’s not just one app. I can’t update or buy anything.

I have the same problem with just downloading/buying apps. Constantly have to logout/login/restart to get it to work. Does it on both my High Sierra and Mojave machines.

Since the release of BS there are a few issues with the Apple Services, whenever I check their status page. Please be aware that they are location-dependent, as shown below: Apple working in the US, but currently facing issues in Germany. Not sure what your location is, but ttps:// and replacing the de with your country code might give you some insights.

Nice link, but you forgot the h at the beginning:

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thank you Markus! I definitely need new glasses.

And there’s a different Developer Status page which has more detail for services such as Notarization:


I started to see people complaining about this issue on Reddit this morning, as well as I’ve seen people complaining about App Store issues (such as not being able to run apps from the App Store) with macOS 10.13.6 also.

Both appeared to start with the launch of macOS 11 Big Sur.

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