Appear an object like a Button,Disclosure triangle or anything from code

Is there a way to appear a Button, Disclosure Triangle or anything with code, I Mean invoke that control and assign it coordinates?


Have a look at Section 2.16 in the User Interface User Guide.

Thanks Wayne, I gonna take a look :smiley:

Hi wayne. I have a question.

I read the e-book and I see the webinar that talks about Dynamic Controls that said the Section 2.16.

I create any control that I want, So then for create as many objects as I want from code. I need to add it to a ControlSet.

then to probe it, I make this code on a push button:

Dim c As New DisclosureTriangle1
c.Left = 110
c.Top = 10

This is for create a new DisclosureTriangle and with Left and Top I set the coordinates in X and Y values for create the new object.
And it Works Flawlessly.

Now the issue becames When I try to make this code in the Paint Event of a canvas, for everytime when I redraw the canvas object I want to create a new DisclosureTriangle.

But Nothing happens.

What Am I doing wrong?

unless youre creating them in different position every time you probably have them right on top of each other
the paint even would be a bad place to do this though

you’ll get a paint event when your app is behind another app then revealed
you get them VERY frequently
if you ever refresh or invalidate the canvas you’ll get paint events