App Wrapper High Resolution Mode checkbox

I am in the process of wrapping an app that I created with 2016R1.1 with the option HiDPI on. Now I notice the check box " High Resolution Mode (Retina)".

Should I check it , or is this for apps using Retina kit ?

Apparently, the info.plist already checks High Resolution Capable YES.

For what it’s worth, I also wondered about this and, being less patient than you, just checked it. My app got approved and all went well. But obviously Sam should chime in here.

The option ‘forces’ the application in Retina mode, as opposed to it being optional. If you’re building with 2016r1 or newer and have enabled HIDPI in your project you don’t need to enable this option, however I’m unaware of any harm if you do so.

Thank you, Sam.

Actually I did not check it and the app is already in the MAS. Review was done in a couple hours. That is unprecedented for me.

For the sake of understanding, what specifically does it do if more than just NSHighResolutionCapable YES?

App Wrapper cant do much more
But setting it in the IDE makes a huge difference since hidpi aware drawing is used

What? You want me to document all the dirty little secrets that I’ve learned over the years and share them for FREE? Fricking unbelievable… Okay well it goes a little something like this…

Yeah, it’s NSHighResolutionCapable and NSPrincipalClass (if it doesn’t already exist). The second one was added because sometimes NSHighResolutionCapable can fail without the presence of NSPrincipalClass.