App Wrapper and Universal binaries?

App Wrapper complains universal binaries contain powerPC code, and therefore cannot be signed.

I suppose an update is already in the works ?

You can download a public beta at

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I have just posted Beta 4 of App Wrapper 4…

This should be the last beta unless something serious is found…


Thank you Andrea and Sam :slight_smile:

Sam: Will I need to update my license ?


I looked up your records and can see that you’ve already extended your license this year, so no, you don’t need to pay to get AW4, it’s included as part of your current Upgrade Plan.

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Great. Thank you Sam :slight_smile:

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Let me add another voice to the choir singing the praises of AppWrapper. My M1 machine won’t show up until later this month, but NOT having to spend any of my time chasing down Apple’s moving target for code signing and notarization is worth so much more than the price of admission.

I didn’t even pay full price for AW3 – picked up another annual upgrade license by buying Omegabundle again in 2020 – and as such qualify for AW4 too which looks to be coming out of beta before my M1 even arrives.

Thanks Sam