App.UseGDIPlus dynamic API

This may have been asked before but I cannot find it.

How do we get handle to the App object with dynamic API ?

I basically need to access this here: App.UseGDIPlus

Since without that then I have no way to know if I can safely construct a Picture object that takes 2 parameters on windows.


If you want to get it for desktop apps and console apps:

REALobject GetAppObject()
	auto appFp =
	    reinterpret_cast<REALobject (*)(void)>(REALLoadFrameworkMethod("App() As Application"));
	if (!appFp) {
		appFp = reinterpret_cast<REALobject (*)(void)>(
		    REALLoadFrameworkMethod("App() As ConsoleApplication"));
	return appFp();

Thanks Joe !