App Testing

I have used in the past and have found it good value - but now I see their website is offline and the old email addresses are not responding.

Does it still exist? Are there any alternatives for testing Apps?

Rumor has it that Apple’s “TestFlight” will be coming to the Mac this year.

That would certainly help - but it’s the humans that are needed to find all the quirks that I didn’t think of.

PS. How do they always find them so quickly? You’ve tested every action known to man, and within minutes they come back with a bug!

I had used MacDeveloper in the past. At some point I didn’t get anything back from the testers anymore.

I sent an email to my users for volunteers. Now I’ve got a pool of about 40 users. About half a dozen give feedback for each beta test. That’s enough to get the usual embarrassing bugs out.

One alternative that I’m trying out right now is using a perpetual beta to work out issues on a publicly voluntary basis. I haven’t explored this before, so Plugins Pro is a little bit of an experimentation with the idea.

I’ve gotten some useful reports that helped work out issues I would have never seen, but I’ve also gotten some of the “it’s broken” with no details reports. I’m not so much complaining about the report, as I am trying to express my concern that I can’t resolve the issue.

I recently learned about the term freeback, and I really like it. It accurately and succinctly describes free input from users. I really appreciate all the help!