App Store Small Business Program - enrol now!

Apple’s App Store Small Business Program is now open for enrol(l)ment. A few simple questions and you’re done.

“To help accelerate innovation and propel businesses and individual developers forward with the next generation of groundbreaking apps on the App Store, this program provides a reduced commission rate of 15% on paid apps and in-app purchases for developers and their associated accounts that earn up to 1 million USD in annual proceeds.”



Thanks for posting this. Also done.

Done, thank you for sharing, And noticed that I still have a OS X app on MAS, it is so old that I can’t even remember it and it have no idea, where I might have a copy of that RealBasic Code :-).


Seems weird that you have to apply…

Think so, too. They know what we earn and what we think.

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Why can’t these bozos make simple agreements in one place?

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There’s two potential reasons I’ve seen floating around.

  1. There is a large group of developers who don’t keep up with the changes and may not enroll in time.
  2. Apple don’t want the profitable developers splitting up their apps to sell through a number of individual accounts. Which I think is the most likely.

Thanks @Gavin_Smith - we applied this morning also.

Thanks for posting this

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Thanks for posting.

First sign the new contract, then apply.

@Jean-Yves_Pochez and signing means this time: typing in your name and click OK. It’s at the very bottom of the page ;-). It is not enough to acknowledge the new terms and conditions, which is basically only a button to agree.

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I got my “welcome” email today.


Me too, and I hope their warning will come true :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Please keep in mind:

  • If your proceeds surpass the 1 million USD threshold in 2021, the standard commission rate will apply for the rest of the year.

Me, too.

As I said it, I am sorry to say, that I don’t make a million a year there :upside_down_face:

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Me too. That’s 15% more profit from now on. :slight_smile:

If you calculate that you now get 85 instead of 70% of a dollar, this is 21% raise.