App Store and QuickTime

I submitted an app to the App Store and received the following an email stating:

I have no idea what QuickTime APIs my app uses. It’s a pretty simple app. Does anyone know if Xojo uses any Quicktime APIs (perhaps the paint event in a canvas?). Or how about some likely places to look? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, I read through that thread but I still have no idea where to look in my app for where it might be using QuickTime APIs. I don’t have any multimedia functionality. I do have a couple of canvases using the paint event. Could this be the problem? The app also uses the folder item method openAsPicture. Could this be it?

I think you simply need to wait for the next release fixing it.

Okay, thanks Christian.

Does anyone know any more about this? I’m still getting the deprecated api (QuickTime) message when I try to upload my apps with Application Loader. Is the App Store rejecting all apps created with Xojo? Are the folks at Xojo doing anything to fix this?

Check this thread, it should have all the info (and more) to answer your question. The short answers to your second and third questions are yes and yes.

2014 R1 will be QT free. Just a little patience…

Hi there,

i developed a app for MAS with only shell operations und a little image in about dialog. I start codesign and productbuild and send this to Apple with AppLoader. Apploader says no Quicktime with Xojo 2013 R 3.1. Ok, I found the problem with quicktime here.

Now, I load beta 2014 R1b3, start my test an everything is fine. Now codesign, productbuild, installation on testsystem (Mavericks) and a crash comes:

Dyld Error Message: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/XojoFramework.framework/Versions/A/XojoFramework Referenced from: /Applications/ Reason: no suitable image found. Did find: /Applications/ open() failed with errno=13 /Applications/ open() failed with errno=13

On another testsystem with Lion the same problem.

And now? Is there a trick? Should I wait for 2014 R1 final? When comes this? I spend some time for develop und testing for Appstore. Now my time is runnig out for this project. Is there any way in the AppStore or must wait? Thank you for help.

First, this is not the beta channel.