App Stalls,in frame


I have an application that is displayed in a frame. It has been working flawlessly. I recently had a recompile it to change the location of the database that was accessing. Now the app when I launched the page with the frame does not show. I have a message box in the session open event and that doesn’t even display. However if I launch the app outside of the frame it seems to launch normally.

Has anybody else seen this kind of behavior? Right now I’m at a loss.

You don’t happen to compile with 2014r2?


Please go try this with the 2014r2.1 Beta.

I did and problem solved.

Has there been a release that has fixed this issue?

I’m about to start another web project.



[quote=134645:@Richard Albrecht]
Has there been a release that has fixed this issue?[/quote]

2014R2.1 apparently, as you reported the beta fixed your issue back on July 31 ?

Actually I know that, but what I have is the beta, do I need to download the latest or is it the same as the beta?

If you have anything prior to FC (which is identical to the latest), it would seem prudent to download the current version.