App sizes increase greatly with 2022/1

My compiled App in 2021/3 hat 57 MB, with 2022/1 now 97MB!! (Mac, 64bit)

I found out in the Content, the RBScript.dylib is the main culprit, increasing from 24.4 MB to over 51.4MB.
Is there an explanation for this, or anyone has an idea why Xojo did that?

certainly going from intel compiled to universal intel+arm in the same file.

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But I selected only 64bit…:

√ x86 64-bit
ARM 64-bit

Most likely it is because some of Xojo’s libraries are universal, even if your application is only one architecture.

When you sign your application with App Wrapper, it should auto trim excess architectures, however if it doesn’t work in your case, you can also set App Wrapper to make your application Intel 64-Bit only and then you’ll only get Intel 64-Bit libraries included in the wrapped version.

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I compiled my App with both Version (2021/3.1 and 2022/1) and that’s the result:

OSX 64-bit: 57.7MB, now 97.9MB
ARM 64 bit: 56.4MB, now 96.5MB
Universal: 111.8MB, now 113MB

Maybe someone nows more details which Xojo released / explained? What’s pumped up RBscript.dylib?

That’s really interesting. Hello World doesn’t increase by anything like that. But what I find most interesting is that Universal is nearly the same. We are looking into this. We will let you know what we find.

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Thanks, Geoff.
And btw, it’s compiling optimization is moderate, if that’s of any help.

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OK, I have some details. We significantly refactor the IDE’s build system for r1. The reasons were both to make it easier for us to maintain internally and to make it more responsive for end users. We build our frameworks as universal for Mac and the build system them strips out the part you don’t use when you build for a single platform. Clearly that code didn’t make it into the new build system. Apparently (and unsurprisingly) most users build universal apps because this change was there from day one of pre-release testing and no one ever noticed it. That said, we need to fix it. So please file a report and then send me the case number and I’ll make sure we fix it for r2.


as a workaround, you can probably use the command-line tool “lipo” to strip the un-wanted architecture from the libary files.


Is that not what I wrote?


Well, I think Geoff was just clarifying that it’s a bug, not a feature :slight_smile:


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