App seems lost

Since macOS High Sierra when we update our app by drag and drop it in the right folder - for exemple from folder ~/Download to a folder in /Applications/ - the app behave like that it was still in the folder Download (and don’t work because our app need te be in a folder with specific files).

If I update the app by a copy and paste I don’t have the problem, but if we have multiple app to update we need to copy/paste the app one by one otherwise we have the same problem than with the drag and drop.

All our .app are signed as Apple want. I lately made a dmg with my app and a shortcut to the right folder in /Application. The app inside the dmg is signe, the dmg itself is signed and notarized, but I still have the problem.

Thanks for your help.

The application staying in the Download folder doesn’t necessarily mean the one in the target folder hasn’t updated: a copy may have been made instead of a move. Have you tried launching the app in the target folder to verify this?

You don’t get any error message that the move failed? Is the target folder writeable (i.e. you have the permissions and don’t see a crossed pencil in the bottom low corner)?

You mean if you copy&paste only a single app it works but if you copy&paste several apps it doesn’t?

What if you try with the Terminal (with the cp command)?

Gnarf I knew it will be hard to explain and understand :slightly_smiling_face:. The problem isn’t the copy/paste or drag and drop itself (that part is OK). The problem is the way the app is behaving after been updated. It run like the app was still in the “old folder” and not in the targeted folder.

When I drag and drop, from Download to the targeted folder, the app doesn’t stay in the Download folder. The app is in the targeted folder and is well replaced by the one I drag and drop.
I do have a 777 rigths on the targeted folder.

Are you talking about the translocation process, maybe?
If you show a MessageBox (or system.debuglog) with app.executableFile.NativePath, what does it show?

So, if the folder is next to the app, can’t you access it using a relative path?
Also, have you considered having the necessary folder/files in the Resources folder (inside the app bundle)? That’d be the best practice.

Since Catalina, I’ve seen reports of this happening. Whereby the OS is NOT removing the Quarantine flag from the application when it is moved to the Applications folder.

While I’ve not seen any rhyme or reason for it, one possible solution appears to be to use an Apple installer.

I have also seen with Big Sur some weird issues related to the app permissions (before you code sign) that go away when using the Permissions Reset function of App Wrapper (download the latest prerelease from to get the latest version.

You may also want to consider moving your relative plugins folder to a fixed location (say ~/Documents/My App Plugins) and ensuring you have the right security to access that folder.

Once more, Apple is more Windows-like (I’d say “unlike”) than before. I can’t wait to have a “Start” menu at the left bottom corner (to shut down the Mac (was a Mac before, at least))…

Installers becoming standard in Mac OS? Unbelievable. But may become true…? :scream:

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Should just point out that it has been confirmed by Apple that installers made on BS require macOS 10.12 or newer to work, regardless of what the minimum OS version is for the application.

No reasoning behind this change was given (when I last saw).