App Rejected by Apple

I use In-App Purchasing.

[quote]We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on an iPad running iOS 11.2 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6 network.
During review, we were unable to complete the offered In-App Purchase.[/quote]

I am using the StoreKit created By Jason K. Im not sure what to do now as i dont have control over this anywhere i can see.

Xojo release 3 came out the day after and supports Ipad 5th Gen with IOS 11.1 so i tested and sure enough it fails. It physically works on my Iphone 8 with 11.1 and my Ipad with 9.35.

How have others got theirs past this… What should I try?

I wonder if the IPv6 is the issue.

Im starting to wonder that too. I connected my Iphone 8 to my Mac using internet sharing with NAT64 & 3G data turned off and the purchase worked. How do you argue with the Reviewers, they sent a screen capture of it not working.

I know these are not the StoreKit Api’s but shouldnt it already have that hardcoded through Xojo in StoreKitLib

StoreKitLib is not a Xojo product.

Yes Sir, I realize that. What I meant was Hardcoded into Apples StoreKitLib that Xojo uses through Declares.

There has been a turn of events here however. Without making any changes i replied to Apples review telling them that i tested it on 2 devices connected to NAT64 and both worked. Here was their reply:


Thank you for providing this information.

We will continue the review, and we will notify you if there are any further issues.

Best regards,

App Store Review[/quote]

1 Hour Later

Hard to beleive i spent all day worrying how i was going to fix this and they approve it anyway.

Oh well now i dont have too… on to bigger and better things now.
Thanks to everyone who helped along the way. I couldnt have done it without this Forum.

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