App opening twice

Hi there - I have a question.
When I run my app, it’s quite huge and goes through a online database check for the licenses.
Often the user will click on the app again if it doesn’t run right away.

Is there a way to make sure that the app doesn’t open more than 1 instance?

What platform do you use? I’ve found it necessary even on the Mac side to use mutexes - check out the documentation for them.

If there’s a delay like that, how about putting up a loading screen so the end user at least knows it’s loading and doesn’t try launching it multiple times…

When I do that with Xojo IDE, I get a crash… on Windows 8.1.

I suppose you could use a Mutex to stop multiple instances of the app. Check the docs for how it works. (I’d post a sample but I’m not at my own system right now.)

I’m not keen on mutexes; if the app crashes then you won’t be able to start it again till you restart the machine.

On Windows, you can check for the process already running, thus:

dim s as shell = new Shell s.Execute("tasklist /fo CSV") dim theString as string = s.Result dim theStringArray() as string theStringArray = split(theString, """MyAppName.exe""") if theStringArray.Ubound>1 then // There's more than one instance in the list of processes that are running msgBox("Sorry, a copy of this application is already running.") Quit end if

and put that in your App.Open event.

You can’t run two copies of the same app on a Mac (that’s how Macs work) so I guess you’re working on Windows…

That code worked brilliantly! I got rid of the MsgBox as that’s in practical terms was a bit redundant!
Thanks for your help!!!

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not quite true… however the user can’t double click the app twice to load two copies… However you can spawn a new copy of your executable, although if it’s Sandboxed the OS will make it crash.