App not launching under Yosemite

I have had three users report one of my apps not launching under Yosemite (it will bounce in the dock until they or OSX forces it to quit). Nothing is reported to the user, no crash log, and the console doesn’t show anything except for a message about Gestalt not returning the correct OS version (10.9 instead of 10.10), this seems to be a call RB itself is making. Naturally I cannot duplicate this here, and I have had other people successfully run the app, so it does not seem to be Yosemite wide.

I tried putting some outputs to the console in App.Open, but nothing is being written there on their system, so it doesn’t seem to be getting that far (would anything in my code be called before this? I do not have a default window).

One user was able to run dtruss, the output seems to diverge after this:
open("/System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Library/AppExceptions.bundle/Exceptions.plist\0", 0x0, 0x0)

Has anyone else experienced this, or had similar reports?

Nope. My app runs just fine on Yosemite. You got a link to your app?

Yep, here’s the download link:

I just tested your program here under Yosemite, it just bounces in the dock then crashed after a little bit.

George, could you send me a crash report, or any info from the console if there is no crash report? Thanks!

Do you use Carbon?

Yes, it is a Carbon app. The fact that it works on some Yosemite systems but not others is the confusing part for me. I have not been able to figure out what the particular problem is.

Looks a bit like from the 90’s but it works here. Oddly, one of the 2 progress bars has the jitters.

Starts just fine on my rMBP with Yosemite :slight_smile:
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i just test your program on my Yosemite and it run ok without any problem.

FWW it is running fine here. MBPr running OSX10.10

Worked perfectly for me an Macbook Air and an iMac Core i5

Thanks for everyone’s tests and replies. It does seem to be something that is affecting a small percentage of users. My understanding, from someone at Apple, is that there may be some issues with launch services, which they are investigating (I’m not sure that’s related to the issues my app is having, just throwing it out there) . If anyone is able to get to to hang on launch or crash, I’d certainly appreciate getting a copy of any relevant crash logs or console outputs:

Mid 2011 21.5" iMac - App runs perfectly :slight_smile:

Just had a peek and I see the gestalt issue, double check and make sure that there isn’t any code in your project that uses Gestalt anywhere.

The only other thing I noticed is the usage of a lot of Quicktime, I wonder if for some people Quicktime is not installed on their machine… Just a thought, on my Yosemite machine (which is a clean machine, just used for Yosemite testing) it opens and I can play around with a few things (so Quicktime is there).

The other thing I wonder, is trying in a newer version of Xojo. 2011r4 is a mighty old version, maybe there’s a bug that been fixed with a newer version?

Here’s an update… I tried various things (somewhat constrained since I can’t make the issue happen here so I need help from some users) such as later versions of Xojo as well as the MBS plugins. No luck. One user reported that he could run an older version of the app. Checking my notes, that was built with Realbasic 2010, and was the last Universal (vs Intel only) version I built. So I took my latest source code, and compiled it with Realbasic 2010 as a Universal app. Guess what? The user reported it launched fine. Not exactly what I would have expected, but there you go.

Again I should note that only a few users have reported issues launching under Yosemite. I still don’t know exactly what is happening, but at least I feel as though I’m getting somewhere now :slight_smile:

Mac Mini with Yosemite…Works Perfectly

17" MBP With Yosemite. Works fine.

I’m on a 15" MBP Mid-2009 with Yosemite. When I first launched the app, I heard a brief tone and the icon was bouncing on the dock - app did not load. I double-clicked on the app icon again as if launching a second copy of the program. Only then did I see my anti-virus/security software prompting me for permission to allow the app’s outbound connection. I granted the permission and the app loaded fine with no problem. I’m running Intego Software’s NetBarrier along with VirusBarrier. It’s possible those users of yours running Mac security software may be the ones experiencing this issue. Especially if the security package monitors outgoing network connections.

I built the app again with RealStudio 2010, this time as an Intel only app, and users who had issues with it launching under Yosemite were still able to get it to run.

To recap:
I have a few (4 or 5 at the most) users who have reported that the app, when built with later version of RealStudio (starting with 2011R4.3) or Xojo (up to 2013R3.3, the last one I can use because it supports QuickTime) will not launch under Yosemite. The vast majority of users (and people who tested it for me) have no problems.

Building the app under RealStudio 2010 R5.1 solves the problem for those people.

That leads me to ask the question to Xojo staff, what is different about apps built with RS2010R5.1 vs RS2011R4.3 (I don’t have intermediate versions to narrow down where the app stops working). I’m not saying this is an issue with Xojo, I suspect it’s something with Yosemite (since affects so few users). There’s actually someone at Apple looking into it (they can’t duplicate it there, of course), but it would be nice to have some more information to help figure out exactly what’s going on.