App name wont change

I just bought Xojo, I compiled my first app, it worked, yuppie. Then I decided to rename the app. When I rebuilt it, it DID NOT take the new name, It kept the old one. I clicked on the app icon, went to the inspector and was in the top text field, I know I was in the right place, what happened.

anybody know how to tell the window when the app opens to open at this location. I made the main window placement main screen and that helped, its centered, NOT in the upper left hand corner.

thanks for any help.

Rename it and then press the TAB key. Most of the fields require a lost focus event to commit the change.

I may not be reading your post right, but to change the name of the built app (the file on disk), you need to click on the OS target (Windows, OS X, Linux) in the Build Settings and change the App Name property in its Inspector.

thanks guys I did both and still no change. I quit XOJO and reopened and still no change. Dang.