App.Name demanded

I do not have a build license but have been writing projects (iMac) and then debugging them using the Run icon. This has worked fine since Xojo (How do you pronounce this word??) was introduced. BUT today when I started a new project I got an error msg “App.Name The bundle ID is required to build your application …” But I am not building it, I’ m debugging it. All the other projects I have under development, but not built, still work OK when the Run icon is clicked. What is happening, please?

Bundle ID is a unique string identifier for your application.
Just put something on the related field on BUILD/OSX section.
The convention is to use reverse domain name, e.g. com.mycompany.myproduct

The Bundle Identifier is required for Cocoa apps, regardless of whether you Run or Build. Set it using the Inspector after you have clicked on “OS X” in the Build Settings.

Like Xerox. So “Zo Joe”.

Thank you Massimo and Paul - all working now. And can now talk about Zo Joe, too!