cannot assign a value to this property

When I try to run my project I get an error:, cannot assign a value to this property .

I did a global regex search for ‘(app\.)name\s=’ and I am convinced I do not try to change the Apps name anywhere in code
The project used to rune just fine before and I did not change that much code.

where did I go wrong?

App.Name is not even accessible from Xojo code as far as I know.

[quote=287533:@jean-paul devulder]if you comment your code line : regex search for ‘(app\.)name\s=’

app work ?[/quote]

J-P I did the regex search in the Xojo IDE, not in my code.
That way I just wanted to make sure I didn’t try to set somewhere by mistake

I’m guessing that you somehow corrupted your project.

Go back to your last backup or better yet if you are using text format, look at a diff and file a bug report about it before you revert.

Found the reason