App manual

Hi if any good application to make a new user manual for my Application

Word? Pages? Notepad? TextEdit? your favorite HTML editor?

Dr explain

Hi Alexis,

I usually found the Xojo HTML editor to be the easiest way to show a user manual that works on all 3 platforms. The user manual can be written in Dreamweaver or your favorite HTML program. The file viewer can be in the ‘Help’ menu.

The other suggested ways to create a manual also work, such as Word, Pages, Notepad, and TextEdit. What I found is that the formatting has issues, such as an incorrect version of Word, or Pages causes documents to misalign formatting, making sure that the program has been installed, etc.

If the Xojo HTML Viewer is not an option, everyone on all operating systems has a browser, and the HTML code is understood by almost all browsers.

Just my thoughts…

If not using an HTML editor, try to export your file(s) and use it inside your application as PDF.

I use a very old app for this:
A very good wysiwyg html editor.

Didn’t know about this but it seems very good. I will try this for sure.

BTW is your app Derk?


I use Kompozer, which is free and available for all three platforms, and the Xojo HTML viewer built in my apps.
Download at

To create a PDF, print to PDF on Mac. On Windows, I use (free).

HTML documents can also be loaded into Word Windows then saved in any word processor format. Don’t know about Word Mac but it is probably the same ?

I found that users usually are fine with the built-in manual, but some of them insist for a separate file. So I have been increasingly providing a complimentary PDF upon request.

Not sure if you have looked into screensteps or not. But has html export of an entire manual you create. I use it here. Really simple to use web manual example

[quote=53091:@Christoph De Vocht]Didn’t know about this but it seems very good. I will try this for sure.

BTW is your app Derk?[/quote]
no it’s not my app.

I’ve used ScreenSteps for this in the past, but now it’s a monthly payment and i don’t like such.
So i now use DR. Explain.

For html display:
I use OS X TextEdit (and previously it was SimpleText, TeachText…) to write html files even with images, mapped images, css, etc.
I call these, Application’s Help.

For manual (PDF / Paper), I use… TextEdit too and print to PDF.

Why ? The application is small, lauch fast, powerful (because I know how to use it), and most of all, it fit my needs.

Long time ago, I used Quark XPress to do Desktop Publishing, but it was very long time ago (before 2002) and I never update / upgrade it.

I also used Canvas (from a small company based in Florida, sorry I forgot its name… NO: Deneba System) to create artwork, vectorial artwork first (and I imported it into Illustrator, checked everything is OK and save it back to file, then I use it with XPress), then bitmap.

Why ? Because I spent time to use the application and I know how to use it, then… it fit my needs.

Same can be applied to AppleWorks (both OS X and Windows): simple fast and do what I need. But this one disappears (cannot be used anymore on Mac, but I still have it under Windows XP).


Thanks to all