App/Main info crossing over to other projects

I have a really weird and bothersome problem. When working on multiple projects (ver 3.2) the methods or properties of one project somehow winds up in my other project. I have done many updates and saves to one project which includes running the project (desktop type) and saving. (ver a,b,c etc.)
Then I’ll save each one in 2 different folders as a backup.
When I start working on the second project and save it (after making sure its working OK), I’ll reload my first project, and the methods in the APP or Main module are replaced by the ones from the second project !! Maybe it’s not loading correctly??
I’ve tried restarting the PC and reloading, but wind up going back about 4 versions of my project to find one that has the correct methods/properties.
It only seems to affect the APP or Main component of my projects.

Thank you


Do you have external classes? Do your classes have an arrow beneath the icon?

The orange circled items are from my 2nd project. Not sure if these are external. I use App and **

** a lot in other projects, and they don’t load these items into them. Thanks for your help Beatrix.
See attached.


If you are saving in text format, Check and make sure you aren’t saving into the same folder. That would certainly cause this problem.

Everything I save is a .xojo_project

They are saved in the same folder.

Other projects in the same folder that also use App & Main do not load incorrectly !

I did notice that when I save to multiple folders (the same project) it loads correctly from one folder, but not the others.

Maybe it’s not saving correctly??

Thanks for your input. Still trying to find the common thread.


anything that has the same filename, like App.xojo_code, will get messed up by doing this with text projects

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Problem resolved. Thank you both. I realized after looking at the contents of the folder that the project was being saved, that there were many more files being created than before. They were XOJO_CODE files. I checked the Options menu and it was set for TEXT format (just as Greg pointed out)
I put it back to Binary, and now just 1 file is created. I guess since I never used the TEXT mode, I didn’t know what was happening. Thank you guys !!!

Love this program.
John Bush