App logo not show on Win 10 desktop

To my app I added a 128x128 logo which I propagated to all the sizes. I’ve tried both 24-bit bmp and png formats out of Paint. The logo shows everywhere except for the shortcut on the Windows 10 desktop. It even show when I look at the shortcut properties and in the “Change icon” window.
I’m using Xojo 2015r3.

Excuse me – I meant icon, not logo.

This sounds like a windows caching issue. I was unable to replicate it here.

You probably compiled for 64-bits Windows. It is a known problem that 64-bits Windows compilations with 2015r3 forgets the icons (and the other application stuf).

And this is still not fixed in 2015 3.1.
You need to add the Icons separatly by using your Installer.