App Languages in MAS

All my new updates for MAS apps that I have compiled with version 2015R1 have En instead of English in the MAS.
Xojo 2015R1
Example: KW13 with German, En or Deutsch, En
Xojo 2014R3.2
Example: My Wine Storage with German, English or Deutsch, Englisch

I had the same surprise with my app but using 2014R21. So, it may be something else. Do you use App Wrapper 3?

If you’re using App Wrapper, check in the ‘Other’ pane to see what it shows. I suspect that if the App Store is showing En, it means that the language folder name is “En” and not “en”, failing that it sounds like a potential MAS issue. Have you contacted iTunes Connect support for help?

Yes, I use App Wrapper 3.2. I look into the app resource folder shows this folders:

My Wine

«KW13» release 1.1.1 was created with Xojo 2015R1 and App Wrapper 3.2.
«My Wine Storage» release 1.0.1 was created with Xojo 2014R3.2 and App Wrapper 3.1

The only difference is in the plist file on
Localization native development region = en
My Wine Storage:
Localization native development region = de

I will contact apple support and I will post the answer here.

Huh… The language names look perfect to me.

If it’s not a iTunes Connect issue (which I think it is), it might be that Objective-C apps now use “Base.lproj” as their default.

Let me know how it goes, I was hoping to have shipped my latest application by now, but some bugs in Yosemite have forced me to re-write a significant chunk of my application, and I’ll have to port it back to my previous applications too!

Really not impressed with the poor QA in Yosemite at the moment.

Now I got a call from an Apple engineer. There is a problem on the MAS which will be fixed as soon as possible. The Apple engineers are working on it.

Interesting and I can’t say I’m surprised to be honest. At least they’re working to fix it however.

Now Apple has fixed the problem. All languages will be displayed correct.

Languages: German, English, Dutch
Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Niederlndisch