App idea: Pi Boot SD maker

Just a thought…

Wouldn’t it be awesome to create a Xojo-Made-App to format an SD card that runs on a Raspberry Pi? I have seen a lot of helper apps online. But none work as smoothly as one would hope.

Also, a possibility to add a user’s app straight on the SD, with auto-start capabilities etc…

Xojo would be the ultimate tool to make a x-platform app for this purpose. Even an online tool using the webapp capabilities

Think “Win32 disk-imager” (freeware) does the job already.

Yeah, I looked at that. Too many manual things need to be done.

The last time I need to do this, I used ApplePi Baker on my Mac:

ApplePi Baker

When it comes to mass production, there are many SD-card copiers. Automating creating the first one might be somewhat complex, if you want things to be configurable too, in relation to it’s benefits.