App Icons

As many of you know I’m not a fan of the current level of “Xojo for iOS”, but have written an iOSResourceMaker (sometime back) that created all the various size App Icons required by the App Store (both for Xojo and Xcode). And updated it a few months back to include the new 167x167 required size.

I just noticed that iOS10 now requires TWO new sizes 20x20 @1x, and 20x20 @3x (neither of which are in Xojo 2016r2.1)

I will be updating iOSResourceMaker to include these new sizes, and adding a new tab to create a basic LaunchScreen.storyboard as well

It will not support AppleTV icons as those are a totally different animal it seems.

Now here is a question.
Xcode generates a JSON file to index the images, and my app will be creating this as well (remember I want to make this useful to everyone)
Is there a particular file format that could/should be generated for Xojo? Or does the use just have to drag them in one at a time?

Xojo doesn’t support that json index file for the moment.
You will need to drag the files one by one.

Thanks… since it seems Xojo doesn’t seem to have specific icon file names (or does it)? I think I will have it create a single generic folder, and the Xojo use can drag-n-drop. I have it creating the correct Json for Xcode, just not sure how to propertly drag it into an Xcode project yet :slight_smile: