App icon problem with R1 2016

App icon problem with R1 2016 when adding a some PNG images. (Mac OS desktop)

Adding 1024 (or 512 same problem) PNG
Image view

Mask view

Why is the mask not full image?

This does not happen with a PNG image with a large transparent background.

Using a JPG image and a JPG mask works properly.

whats the ppi of your png images set to ?

The problem image is 300ppi and the dog image is 72ppi

I just changed the 300ppi image to 72ppi and the mask is full.
I tried various poi from 300 down to 72ppi and only 72ppi shows a full mask.
Is this a bug in R1 2016, shouldn’t the mask render the same as the image in all ppi?

Probably should
Could you file a bug report with the original image @300 ppi attached so we can look into this

will do