App Icon File Association

I’m sure I asked this before, but for some reason I don’t remember the answer and/or I just skipped over this details.

My app(s) deal with a large amount of different file types. On Windows I want to associate those file types to my app(s). I have always done this within the installer (I use InnoSetup), and the usual referencing of the .exe for the icon, like this:

Root: HKCR; Subkey: "Project5Program\\DefaultIcon"; ValueType: string; ValueName: ""; ValueData: "{app}\\translator.exe,33"

That means the 33rd indexed icon in the translator.exe file.

Now, putting the icons in the .exe was easy in the VisualBasic days for me, but I don’t see how to do that with REAL/Xojo. The icons that are in the FileTypes section seem to be completely ignored in Windows, as far as going into the resources section of the .exe or the Libs folder.

(This works well on Mac, it seems REAL/Xojo was designed more espcially for the Mac on this.)

(BTW, where are the graphics - not even in FileTypes - going in Windows?

What is the usual way of dealing with this in REAL/Xojo? Can I get the icons in the .exe? If not, do I have to put copies in the Libs folder and attach DefaultIcon to those? What do most people do here?