App Hangs

My app was running from the RUN button or as a built App. I added a radio button and pressed Run to check the placement, and it just hung. I quit, removed the radio button and still the same result. I built the app again and it still hangs. There are no compile errors. When it hangs, the main (and only) window does not display. XOJO changes from the editing mode to the Run mode (showing the empty frames where the code, stack and variables would display. I’ve tried adding a break point in the Activate event of the main window, but it never breaks. My guess is that the project file is somehow corrupted. I’ve scrolled through all the method, controls, etc and all my code seems to be in place and the window’s controls all seem to have the correct values and placement.

I really don’t want to lose two days of coding. Any suggestions?

Can you revert to your latest SVN/Git/version control format of choice? If not, do you have a backup? If one of SVN etc or backup is missing, set those up.

Add some logging information to see where the hang happens. You can write to the console or a text file.

A long shot, but try resetting the InitialWindow property. Even if it seems to show your correct initial window, select something else, then put it back to the window you want as your starting.

Beatrix…the app never gets to any executable code. Even a breakpoint in the initial window open event does not fire. The window never displays.

Roger, please go buy a lottery ticket. You are sure to win tonight!

I added a second window with no controls, and set it to be the initial window and ran the program.
it displayed. i then reset the initial window back to the first window and lo and behold it works!

My hero! thank you!

Hi Roger,

Is it DefaultWindow, I cannot find initialWindow.



You are true, it’s DefaultWindow.

Thanks Detlef.

I have done that but because it does not happen every time I am not in position to give a comment as yet.


Still hangs in an inconsistent frequency, but worked well in Mac OS X 10.9 and earlier