App error every hour

In my web app I keep getting an app error every 1 hour without fail. The only person who has access to the app is me as it is running on my local box (have tested on remote server and the same thing happens). I have logging in place that sends me an email when an application error occurs and every hour I get an email with an unexpected error even when I have not even accessed the server. I dont have any timer events running so I dont know whey this is happening or how to track it down. Any one else seen this or have any ideas how I could track it down.

What’s the error?

There is no message in the error.message it is blank.

I have just tweaked the app to show the error number but I cant see how I get the stack trace into a string so I can display the stack before the error occurred.

Join(myException.Stack, Chr(13))

IncludeFunctionNames has to be set to True on your App to get the stack.

Thanks, am recompiling and will leave run over night and will post the results in the morning.

Ok, now I am confused because since I added the tracking code to the app handler to report the error number and stack info the unexpected error no longer happens, weird!!