App crashes on startup

I have a very simple piece of software I wrote. It builds and runs fine on my Debian Laptop. I deployed it to a Linux Mint system which had the previous version running, but now it fails. I see this error in dmesg output:

traps: Port Flow Calcu[9889] trap divide error ip:f69fe880 sp:fffb9fe0 error:0[f68de000+468000]

Anyone seen that before?
Xojo version 2015r2.2

You can probably get more information by starting the app via the command line. What’s it reporting?

I actually get nothing from the command line.

sigh… oversight on my part.

Yes… running it like so --> ./app does dump out useful info… libicu was missing. Re-installed it…all is well.


Been there many times setting up a VPS or dedicated server and go to run a Xojo test application and I always forget to install libicu

It’s on my notes now to “make sure to install” :smiley: