App crashes NOE in Windows, not Mac, and no stack

I have this project that works perfectly in Mac under 2016R4.1, but crashes after a few seconds on Windows with a Nil Object Exception.

I implemented the UnhandledException handler in App, but I get neither message, nor anything in the stack.

I looked at having a minidump created, but obviously under Windows 10, it is necessary to add code.

Or am I missing something ?

Before I embark on adding code to every single method in the project to debuglog, is there a way ?

You probably went thorugh this, but just in case…

  • What does the windows application log say? (right click the start button, observateur d,vnements, journaux windows, applications)
  • Have you tried dbgview?

Of course, I had completely forgotten that Xojo Web Windows has a broken message pane.

Now with DebugView, I can see the debuglog.

Thank you Louis.