App can't continue

I’m trying to learn-create a web app and I’m getting these error messages frequently.

I re-run the test without making any changes and do not get the error.

Is this normal?


Which messages? Can you give an example?

Here is a snap shotlink text

Let me guess. You’re populating that popupmenu in one of the Open events.

That could have been it. Is there a problem with that?

Yes. The control might not have rendered yet. Better move this code to the Shown event.

There can be. In some cases, the control may not be initialized on the browser yet. Try moving your code to the Shown event and see if the problem persists.

Just out of curiosity, are you using the latest version of the IDE?

Today, as waiting while wife at Dr., I was reading one of the Xojo Guides about using Shown, and thought maybe I need to move the popup menus populate from open event to the shown event.

I’m using 2014r2

Maybe it would help if I were to spend more time with the Xojo Guides.

Thanks Greg and Alex.